Embossing your calligraphy work (dip pen)

There is a lot of tutorial about how to emboss your calligraphy work with embossing powder. But most common way is to use embossing pen (Rangers) or brush pen (Versamark, Zig).

Then how about dip pen? Finally I got a tips from an Calligrapher (Link for her Instagram ac is here -> tjalipio

What you have to do to prepare for the DIY embossing ink for dip pen?
Click to see Video for the making

Here is the list:

1) Pure Glycerin (use any kind but I choose NOW 100% vegetable glycerin)

2) Few drop of Gum Arabic

3) Small amount of waters

4) Small glass Jar (the one I used is 20mil)

5) Embossing Powder (I recommend WoW or Rangers)

6) Heat Tools


Steps for DIY ink:

-First you have to put the pure glycerin into the glass jar. Fill up 2/3 full to the jar.

-Second, you start to add few droplet of water each time; to make it more dilute until it can “flow” out from the pen nib like normal ink.

-Third, I add a few drop of gum Arabic at the last to make it more easy to le the nib hold on the “ink”


Steps for embossing:

– Write your quote with the DIY embossing ink

– Covered the letters with embossing powder

– Heat up by the heat tools



– Avoid to use nib with thick stroke line as it might merge the ink when you tried to tap off the embossing powder

– User some baby powder or EK success powder to prep the paper surface to avoid embossing powder stick all over the place

– Always heat up the heat tool for about a 30s to 1 min to allow it to reach high tempature. Use circular motion to heat up the embossing powder to avoid over heat (you will see a lot of bubble and it means you over heat it.



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