Calligraphy with DIY white gouache ink

I was looking for a good white pink for my dip pen and the good one in the market are quite pricy. So. decided to DIY my own gouache.

Stuff you need :

white gauche

Gum Aribric


a small glass jar
All you need to do is fill the jar with white gouache in 1/3 full. slowly add few drops of water. then add again. until you can mix to a way you dip pen can hold the ink but still able to allow the flow.  

At the end, I add a 3-5 drop of gum Arabic into the jar (my jar is 20mil)

And Viola…… a custom made jar of  white ink is done. Once it dry, you can feel the texture of the ink.
Credit have to give to Happy Hands Project as she inspire me to make this.

Happy Hands Project Blog


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